St. Augustine Trip Planning

Whether you're going on a family vacation or traveling with friends, use our guides to help plan a memorable St. Augustine vacation. Our trip planning guides map out the best ways to spend your time indoors on a rainy afternoon or help you discover the top family-friendly attractions that kids and adults will love. Our team is based locally in St. Augustine, so we have an insider perspective on the entire Northeast Coast of Florida. We're happy to help you plan a vacation you'll never forget! Contact us today with any questions or browse through our guides here. 

School is back in session and day-to-day life is starting to settle back in for most Americans. But why should the fun of summer end so abruptly? As we start to see temperatures cool across the rest of the country, Florida is still warm and...Read more
St. Augustine, Florida, not only holds a special place in our hearts but also in the hearts of history enthusiasts, beach lovers, and adventure seekers alike. Known as the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the United States, this enchanting city offers a treasure trove...Read more
st. augustine christmas lights
Temperatures are dropping around the country but in Florida, it's still warm and comfortable and it will stay that way all winter long. All of the holiday fun that you can enjoy in your hometown, you can find in St. Augustine. From spectacular light shows,...Read more
Plate of food from College Resturant in St. Augustine
If you're looking for places to eat in St. Augustine, you're in luck. Saint Augustine is filled with award-winning restaurants suitable for every taste and budget.Read more
Trees draping over Water Street in St. Augustine
When you’re visiting the historic district it’s always a good idea to being a backpack or purse to carry all of your essentials. If you do not have time to stop at the car it’s always important to have what you need to make your...Read more
If you’re from up north, you’re probably looking to escape the approaching snow and negative temperatures and go someplace where the only thing you must worry about is if you brought enough sunscreen. Whether you’re planning for just a few weeks or looking to skip...Read more
When going on vacation, you want things to be simple. You want the whole trip to go smoothly and you don’t want any bumps in the road. However, we are human, and we are prone to accidents and mistakes. The most we can do is...Read more
beer flight
St. Augustine is a great destination for all types of travelers. From families to groups of young professionals to retirees, St. Augustine has a lot of diverse offerings. Located along the Atlantic Ocean in Northeastern Florida, St. Augustine is considered the oldest city in the...Read more
Pool at Sea Place Condos
When you are looking for a location for family vacation it is a lot of pressure to find the perfect place that the whole family will love. Look no further than Sea Place. Sea place has various condo layouts. Enjoy a 3-bedroom patio home that...Read more
Bar in St. Augustine, Florida
With beautiful Spanish architecture and a quaint, friendly vibe, St. Augustine is not just a historical destination, but also a romantic one.Read more